Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Hypocrisy of Minimalist Travel

all that I am taking with me to china and thailand for 18 days.

Note to self: Stop going out to buy new shit in the name of minimalist travel and weight savings. You don’t need to go out and buy a $300 backpack some blogger reviewed, just use the old bag you already have. It’s just a bag to carry your clothes and laptop.

You don’t need to buy a MacBook Air just because your two years old 13” Dell is 1-2 pounds heavier. If it suits your purpose just run it to the ground and buy a new one when the time comes. It’s gonna get banged up anyway.

You don’t need to buy ExOfficio undies, or SmartWool socks, or Icebreaker t-shirts. Your usual clothes will do just fine and are way more stylish than the ill-designed “travel clothes” you covet. They will take longer to hang dry but you’ll be fine.

No matter how fancy your new travel clothes are they will eventually break down from daily washing in the sink. When it’s time to throw away your clothes would you rather throw away your old shirt or your $80 Icebreakers? Only to be replaced by a $2 shirt you bought in an Asian market.

You definitely don’t need to buy new electronics to share (brag about) “the moment” with your friends on Facebook, because you’ll be too busy having fun meeting New Real Friends.

Trust me on this, I’ve been there.