Monday, December 28, 2009

Indonesi'am -26 minutes english version high quality

Indonesi'am Anagram Documentary / retrospective from Smog Films on Vimeo.

There's a ton of really cool shit out there from independent filmmakers. I like this one. One reason is that it was shot in Jakarta, where I am originally from, AND Bali, my favourite spot.

Camera and editing gear is affordable these days. Self-publishing on the internet and social networks allow everyone to jump in the spotlight. These guys used some semi-pro/pro stuff, but it's attainable for anyone who wants to dabble in film/video. Canon 7D DSLR, various lenses, semi-pro camcorders, etc.

You can even go to Best Buy, buy some gear and edit your own masterpiece with a limited budget:
  • HD Camcorder (one that's decent to work with) - $1,000 
  • Camcorder accessories - $500 
  • Apple Macbook (you don't need MB Pro to edit videos) - $1,100 ish 
  • Final Cut Express - $200

Be cool. Change the world. Go out and make shit.