Thursday, October 30, 2014

Go Deeper

Go deeper, even just a little bit below the surface. The effort required is very minimal and the rewards are disproportionate. This can apply to anything in life.

  • For example, if you like cheese, go to a cheese tasting. Your cheese game will evolve dramatically. Sheep's cheese made by Basque farmers changed my life (Ossau-Iraty). (free to $20~)
  • Try Maldon brand salt for your table salt. You’ll never look at salt the same way and you’ll delight in cooking your own omelettes every morning. ($9~)

  • Spend 1 hour a week improving your skills for work, and get paid thousands more each year. Or if you’re self-employed you’ll stand out from the bottom of the barrel -compounding for the rest of your career. (1 hour/week, free, or at least the cost of a good book $25~) 
  • At work, ask for a review every 6 - 12 months. Show them 3 things. 1) the direct impact you were personally responsible for, 2) how much money you made for the company and how good you made your boss look, and 3) what you plan to accomplish for them in the next 6 months. If you can attribute a dollar amount on the impact you made, ask for a raise worth at least 10-20% of that figure. If you ask they'll at least give you something and you're better off than when you started. This benefits everyone, especially your company. IF your company will not give you a review, go work for another company that will. (free, 2 hours of prep)

  • When you ask busy people for their advice, follow through and give them an update. They love hearing they made a difference. They’ll call you to refer opportunities and invite you into their professional network. Life-changing -seriously. (free, and the rewards are stratospheric)
  • When travelling: no matter how bad you sound, order the local food in the local language -the locals will go out of their way to make sure you have an amazing experience and you’ll quickly become an expert. I’ve been adopted by so many random Vietnamese grammas, grandpas, and aunties here, it’s unbelievable. 

The thing is though most people will never do these small things. They'll stay in their comfort zone, eat the same boring food, complain about how little they make, and stay at their hotel restaurant getting stomach aches from the shitty buffet bar. Not you though.

Yo (cheers) from Saigon!