Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aloksak Bags + Wrinkle Test

Yesterday I got myself some Aloksak zip lock bags for travelling.  The idea is to compact my clothes airtight to save some room in my bag while at the same time keeping them dry.  They worked great, everything was a little bit more compact than usual.  These things are miraculous -supposedly waterproof for down to 60m below water.  I’m going to use the small one as my wallet (they come in a variety pack of 4 sizes, $10).  I’ve been looking for a waterproof wallet to store my cash and car remotes for when I go play on the beach or diving.

I wanted to test whether or not my clothes would wrinkle in these saks, as if I was on an extended leg of transit.  I’ve seen a few old articles about packing on the merit of rolling your clothes when you pack.  So I rolled my clothes put them in the saks and left them for 24 hours.

Did they wrinkle?  Yeah.  What a horrible piece of advice... Shouldn't blame the advice actually, cotton wrinkles easily no matter what.  If you don't want wrinkles you'll have to move to synthetic or wool blends.

Clothes used for the test are in my usual wardrobe list for long trips:
2 cotton t-shirts
1 synthetic t-shirt
3 pairs of cotton underwear
1 swim trunk
2 pairs of socks